Beauty Opulence was established in 2016 by a duet of beauty professionals from South Florida. Both understood the need for quality professionals in our industry and decided to introduce a new feeling to the So-Flo beauty scene. Originally known as, “The Lash Co. of Miramar”. The Lash Co. Miramar, was “a beauty sanctuary” for women and a proud servant to the community and beauty & esthetic industry, but something was still missing? A product line! 

  After putting together a plan, the team did hundreds of hours of research, and months of product sampling. Until one day the first product was ready for trail and error. The first product was an eyelash adhesive. This glue was given to all the lash techs to use at The Lash Co. Miramar. What they discovered next was that the lash techs who were given the adhesive samples, actually preferred using the new adhesive more, than the other products they were use too. Which was enough for us to say we had a winner but there was still one more important component other than key benefits, “RETENTION”! 

  Will the clients actually see results? We did not want our clients experience or satisfaction to decline as a result of using new products. But after a month of using the new adhesive we noticed that the clients were not only retaining more lashes in between refills, but their lashes were lasting longer. We contacted the manufacture immediately to work out a production deal that would allow us to offer quality products at competitive prices. 

  When our adhesive went on sale, it was highly regarded as a “MUST HAVE” for resilience and durability. During our first month of sales, we noticed how much the customers liked having a place where they could come and purchase there supplies “in-person”, instead of shopping online. So we further expanded on our original idea and created an entire product line, catering to eyelash professionals around the world. Since April 2017, Beauty Opulence has led with consistent effort at remaining a reliable brand that you can depend on and trust. 

Our company has been at forefront of demonstrating excellence, flourishing our communities with the best in quality products and services to date.